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Veggies-Rock is intended as a source for entertainment and inspiration for vegetarians and vegans, as well as non-vegetarians who would like to read something new and different about the musicians they enjoy. I have found through my own conversations with fellow vegetarians – whether they are musicians, writers, artists or just the average joe on the street – that people turn to this lifestyle for a vast number of reasons: health, respect for animals, environment issues, or just a bad experience with a hamburger. What they all had in common was a sense that it went beyond diet. Each one was extremely passionate about being vegetarian, and although it is a personal matter, it is usually one they relish speaking about. Each one has their own tale of how they got there, why they stuck with it and how their lives have changed since.  It is those stories, along with some cool recipes, survival tips and general vegetarian facts, which I would like to share through Veggies Rock.

I became a vegetarian around 1997. Never a heavy meat-eater to begin with – I hated steak, all seafood except for tuna and lived mainly on burgers, chicken and turkey – I was always interested in this lifestyle. I even bought Linda’s Kitchen, a cookbook by Linda McCartney, at a Beatlefest. Yet it took the movie Babe to turn me around. It just hit a place in my heart. That bacon on my plate once had a face, and a cute one to boot. It was then that I started to make the transition to vegetarianism.  One by one, I eliminated animals in my diet. First, naturally, was pig – no bacon, sausage and other foods which came from Babe. Then lamb, cow and everything else except chicken and turkey. It finally ended one afternoon when I was walking down the street to a deli to get something to eat and a live chicken came out of somebody’s yard and into my path. That was the epiphany, a sign from a higher power, the message from above or just dumb luck. I was done, and I have never intentionally eaten an animal since.

The concept of Veggies-Rock has been on the back burner for many years. As a writer/photographer for many music publications and the producer of a long-running radio show, I have had the opportunity to meet many musicians throughout the last 25 years. Whenever I have chatted about vegetarianism to a fellow vegetarian or vegan, the conversation has turned deeper, lively and intimate.  I am not the only one who finds this stuff interesting… So the idea to combine music and vegetarianism – two areas I happen to be passionate about – into this new webzine was born. I hope it brings enjoyment, motivation or just some insight to all those who visit.

Another thing: In no way does this site intend to preach or criticize those who don’t choose this lifestyle for themselves. As much as we encourage people to give it a try, we will never condemn those who do not wish to follow it. We ask for the same respect.

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