Out of fairness, I will not be posting links to commercial sites, restaurants and webstores at this point. I hold myself and this site not responsible for the content and agenda of any of the links to follow.

Vegetarian / Vegan Resources:
A list of informative sites to learn more about vegetarianism, diet and lifestyle.

International Vegetarian Union
Vegetarian Society
Vegan Society
American Vegan Society

Veggies who Rock:
Artists who have been featured on

Gail’s personal non-veggie bookmarks:
My place of self indulgence – my family of friends and fellow bloggers who support this site.

Virgin Steele
An amazing band fronted by one of my best friends in the world, David Defeis.  His musical abilities are only exceeded by culinary talents. He’s not a veggie, but cooks for me often.

Eddie Malluk
How lucky am I that one of the BEST photographers in the business happens to be a great friend. Another great talent in the kitchen.

Attention Deficit Delirium
Super-cool entertainment blog by Bryan Reesman, who covers his own world of pop culture. He also  proofreads my stuff to make sure it all makes sense and occasionally helps with the interviews. In turn, I contribute to his blog.  As far as cooking… well, Bryan eats out a lot.

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