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Hello World!

It is with great excitement I wish to officially launch Veggies-Rock.com! This webzine / blog has been churning in the back of my mind for a long time, so along with my enthusiasm comes a tremendous feeling of relief and, I confess, a touch of panic. If I had a dollar for every time a friend would ask ‘Where is your website?’ I’d be a wealthy girl, so to finally bring it from plans to fruition is a sign of accomplishment. Yet, even as a seasoned journalist I admit being the master of my own domain is a tad intimidating. I ask for your patience while I work through my fears and mistakes as I discover the wonderful world of blogging. And if you like what you see do not forget to subscribe!

Please visit the “About This Blog” and “More About Me” posts to find out more about what I’m attempting to do here as well as some of the early entries – Just click the menu bar on top! Within a few days I’ll post the first of what will be, excuse the expression, the ‘meat’ of the site with an interview with famed guitarist Steve Vai. Other interviews in the can include other veggie musicians — Steve Howe (Yes/Asia), Eric Johnson and Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy / Dammed Things) — to be posted in the not too distant future. I thank them for their time as it was quite commendable for them to take time to speak with a not-yet-established ‘magazine’ and give it early support.

I also need to thank my friends, peeps and colleagues, especially the ones who consistently nagged me to get this done. I hope your encouragement and guilt will pay off.